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The Development of New Pharmacological Therapies for Infants - The National Perinatal Association’s Position of Support for Senate Bill S.2041 - Promoting Life-Saving New Therapies for Neonates Act of 2016 by Sue Hall, MD; Raylene Phillips, MD; Vincent C. Smith, MD; Cris Glick, MD; Mitchell Goldstein, MD; T. Allen Merritt, MD


Best Practices
Updated for 2017

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Guidelines

The National Perinatal Association has recently revised the guidelines for the prevention and treatment of RSV in babies born prematurely who are at risk for the more serious consequences of RSV.

NEW 2018 Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prevention Guidelines can be accessed at Neonatology Today

Learn more about protecting fragile infants from RSV.

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See our resources for promoting the psychosocial support of NICU families and staff, including a Free Download of our booklet, Starting and Sustaining a Peer Support Program for NICU Parents  when you visit


NPA's  Family Advocacy Network (FAN) now hosts quarterly webinars in partnership with the Preemie Parent Alliance (PPA) 

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