About the NPA

The National Perinatal Association (NPA) is a interdisciplinary organization that strives to be the leading voice for perinatal care in the United States. 

Our diverse membership is comprised of healthcare providers, parents & caregivers, educators, and service providers, all driven by their desire to give voice to and support babies and families at risk across the country.

At the National Perinatal Association:

We Educate 

We provide educational opportunities in order to increase knowledge of evidence-based practices in perinatal care. Learn about our: 

    We Advocate 

    We strive to promote best practices, improve perinatal outcomes and ensure justice for pregnant women, infants and families at risk.  Learn about our:

      We Integrate 

      We bring people together from across disciplines to share, listen and learn from each other to advance perinatal care.  Learn about our:

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