Who We Are

NPA brings together people who are interested in perinatal care to share to listen and learn from each other. 

Our diverse membership is comprised of healthcare providers, parents & caregivers, educators and service providers - all driven by their desire to  support and advocate for babies and families at risk across the country. 

Our shared purpose is to give voice to the needs of pregnant people, infants, their families and their healthcare providers so that collectively we can have the greatest positive impact on perinatal care in the United States.

We Educate

We host interdisciplinary conferences, summits, and webinars. We author position statements, guidelines, and journal articles. We promote evidence-based practices in perinatal care.

We Advocate

We advocate for those in need of support in order to promote best practices , improve perinatal outcomes, and ensure justice for pregnant women, infant and families at risk.

We Integrate

Rather than replicating the work of other organizations and individuals, the NPA facilitates the collaboration of all disciplines as we work together to improve perinatal care.

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