NPA Advocacy

The National Perinatal Association advocates for improved perinatal care through a variety of advocacy activities. We publish position papers, guidelines, sign amicus curaie briefs, and statements which  support  or oppose legislation related to health and well being in the perinatal period. 


When appropriate, NPA will take the lead on issues in order to raise awareness and promote support. From its inception, however, NPA has believed in a "coalition of advocacy" and has partnered with many organizations including the March of Dimes, ACOG, AAP, and ACNM to name just a few. Some advocacy issues for NPA include family support, bereavement, palliative care, quality improvement, the promotion of "normal" birth, preconception health, access to care, and medical liability reform.

In keeping with the mission of NPA, the board will not endorse products and services; however, the Board is willing to provide expertise to:

  • Consult on the development of health care policies and practices which affect mothers, infants, young children as well as their caretakers and health care providers
  • Review proposals for programs and policies intended to benefit mothers, infants and young children as well as their caretakers and health care providers
  • Review requests for endorsements of educational periodicals and position statements from other professional, service and volunteer organizations
  • Review and consider support for positions, amicus briefs, etc. on public policy issues

NPA strives to ensure that in all cases its review considers the mission of NPA, respects the broad make-up of its members, and upholds strict ethical standards.

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