Family Advocacy Network 

The Family Advocacy Network (FAN) champions collaborative relationships between families and the medical professions who care for them. 

FAN brings together family advocates from every arena of maternal-infant care to share their ideas and cultivate their talents as we address the medical, educational, and psychosocial needs of families. 

Join us as we work together to bring real, measurable, and substantive change to the implementation of family-centered care.

Co-Chairs: Cheryl Milford, MEd. and Erika Goyer

Webinar Series

The Family Advocacy Network hosts a quarterly webinar series in partnership with the Preemie Parent Alliance (PPA). 

The inaugural webinar Understanding the Basic Components of Trauma-Informed Care with Kara Wahlin, LMFT of NICU Healing was hosted in March 2016. View the presentation here.

Our second webinar was A Roadmap for Improving Your NICUwhere Sue Hall, MD & Kristy Love, a parent support program leader,  illustrated how to use the NPA's Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents to effectively advocate for change at your hospital. 

Our most recent webinar was Is Baby Friendly Family Friendly? with Sara Mosher, RN, BSN, MHA of Patient+Family Care where we discussed how the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and upcoming guidance for NICUs impact perinatal care practices and affect the quality of care and support given to NICU babies and their families.

Resources from Sara's webinar:

Email or for details on future webinars. 

New NICU Resources:

FAN Summits

Thanks to those who attended the Family Advocacy Network's free seminar in Houston 

Utilizing Trauma-Informed Care to Strengthen Your Organization - with Kara Wahlin, LMFT

Participants in this important discussion and learned:

  • the principles of patient-centered, trauma-informed care.
  • why women are vulnerable to re-traumatization in the perinatal period.
  • how to address clients' risk factors while promoting their strengths.
  • why we must recognize and honor our unique needs as caregivers.

View the presentation slides here.

Then visit NICU Healing, Kara Wahlin's online therapeutic resource designed for families currently in the NICU

View Setting Families Up for Success: Modeling Shared Decision Making 

This was a parent panel presented on Friday, April 29th in Houston as a part of NPA's Conference, Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Perinatal Decision Making in the 21st Century

More from the Family Advocacy Network:

FAN collaborates with other organizations that share similar missions.  We partner with groups like the Preemie Parent Alliance and the National Coalition for Infant Health to bring resources, information, and comfort to families.  Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us at

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