Membership Dues:

           Professional  $75

           Student/Trainee  $45

           Retired  $45

           Parent    $45

          Organization:  $200

          Institution:  $2,500

         Corporate Memberships:

           Gold  $15,000 

           Silver $10,000

NPA Membership

No matter what your role in our community, if you care about improving perinatal care the National Perinatal Association is the place for you. 

NPA members are a talented and diverse community of parents and providers. We know that complicated problems require interdisciplinary solutions. So at NPA every voice is heard, respected, and valued.

Because of this interdisciplinary approach, the NPA is the only membership organization of its kind. It is a place where you can learn from your colleagues from other disciplines and share your own professional insights. It is a place to grow professionally. And both mentor and be mentored.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, parent, caregiver, educator or service provider supporting the health and wellbeing of mothers, babies or families, there are membership opportunities for you. WELCOME

NPA Welcomes the Baylor College of Medicine 

NPA is excited to announce the formation of its first NPASS - National Perinatal Association Student Society chapters! NPASS chapters support emerging leaders, create mentorship opportunities, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration as a means of improving perinatal care communities. 

To find out more about bringing NPASS to your community. Email C. Cody Miller and Jerasimos Ballas, MD

Benefits of membership

Being a member of the NPA has many benefits including:

    • News and information on emerging health topics and perinatal health issues.
    • Reduced rates on conference registration fees and exhibitor fees.
    • Discounted subscriptions to the Journal of Perinatology. NPA members pay $75.00 and save $125.00 over the regular subscription price.
    • Access to educational programs, including invitations to our quarterly webinars.
    • Educational materials like our Recommendations for the Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents.
    • Opportunities to participate in projects designed to improve perinatal healthcare.
    • The chance to network and collaborate with colleagues who share your passion for improving perinatal care and services.
Complete the application to start having an impact on perinatal care and policy at a national level!

Membership Levels

Membership is available to: Professionals, Individuals, Family/Parent Support Groups, State Perinatal Associations and Corporations.

Individual Membership:

    • parents
    • students  (ask about NPASS, National Perinatal Association Student Society)
    • trainees
    • retired professionals
Annual Membership Cost: $45

Professional Membership:
Available to professionals who support the health and wellbeing of mothers, babies and families
Annual Membership Cost: $75

Organizations: Available to all
    • state perinatal associations 
    • quality improvement collaboratives 
    • professional networks
    • non-profit organizations
    • parent groups
    • Student Chapters - NPASS: NPA Student Society chapters
Annual Membership Cost: $200

Corporate Membership

Gold: Up to 8 members Annual
Membership Cost: $15,000

Silver: Up to 4 members Annual
Membership Cost: $10,000

Institution: 1 member Annual
Membership Cost: $2,500

The generous contributions of NPA's corporate sponsors and members enable the NPA to carry out innovative programs and initiatives and put on interdisciplinary conferences like no others!

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