Lend your voice, expertise and advocacy to our national initiative to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes in the United States, promote the optimal expertise of perinatal health providers, and to support families as they care for their infants and children.

As a multi-disciplinary support organization, NPA welcomes individuals, health care practitioners from all specialties, educators, parents, families, family advocates, hospitals, and universities, civic-minded corporations, state perinatal associations and other to become NPA members.

Those who join NPA do so in order to:

  • Use their experience to inform others
  • Help influence public policy
  • Ensure the appropriate array of services and support for pregnant women, their families, health care providers and the families of fragile children
  • Encourage and promote cross-provider and family communication

Benefits of Membership include all or some of the following depending upon membership level:

  • Connection to perinatal colleagues and advocates from across the United States.
  • Timely access to emerging perinatal health-related national priorities and emerging issues.
  • Annual subscription to NPA Bulletin (quarterly newsletter)
  • Membership level access to this website:
    • Members only discussion forum.
    • Opportunity to submit nominations for NPA annual awards.
  • Reduced registration fee for all NPA conferences and programs.
  • Reduced annual subscription fee for the Journal of Perinatology.
  • Opportunity to suggest or submit articles of information for publication in the NPA Bulletin.
  • Reduced exhibit fees at all annual conferences or other education programs.
  • Reduced cost of purchases for NPA materials and training programs.

Membership is on a 12 month basis, with renewal notices mailed out. All members receive an acknowlegdment letter with an NPA membership card.

Membership Levels:

  • Individual
  • Student
  • Retiree
  • Parent
Application for Individual, Student, Retiree, Parent PDF
  • Support Groups
Application for Support Groups PDF
  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Community based programs
  • Public health entities
Application for Corps, Hospitals, CBP's and Public health entities PDF
  • State Perinatal Associations
Application for State Perinatal Associations PDF

Join NPA and become part of a network of colleagues from around the country who care about healthy pregnancies, moms, babies, families and their health care providers!

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