Dr. Albert "Al" L. Pizzica was a man of strong convictions.

His involvement with the National Perinatal Association (NPA) began early in his career as a neonatologist and continued until his untimely death from cancer in 2013. He believed in the principles of family-centered care and the importance of the fundamental bond between providers, parents and their children. 

He served on the Board of Directors for many years and was a past president of the NPA. He was also the recipient of the NPA’s highest award, The Stanley Graven Award for Life Long Contributions to Perinatal Health. 

He recognized the need to support meeting attendance and education through scholarship funding for the next generation of neonatal-perinatal health providers. The scholarship fund was named in his honor to memorialize his many great contributions to the NPA and neonatal-perinatal medicine.

The purpose of the scholarship is to fully fund the cost of registration to the National Perinatal Association’s annual meeting for trainees and students, regardless of discipline within the neonatal/perinatal arena, and encourage future leaders to practice multidisciplinary neonatal-perinatal care.

NPASS is the National Perinatal Association's Student Society

NPA is the only interdisciplinary organization for perinatal professionals. We bring together passionate people from diverse disciplines in perinatal care to share, listen, and learn from each other.

If you a student or trainee who has an interest in maternal-infant care, we have a special offer for you.

Because we're committed to growing a strong, diverse community of perinatal caregivers and advocates, NPA offers you discounted membership and conference registration.


NPASS welcomes students from all disciplines, whether they are involved healthcare, psychology, social work, health policy, or any other field related to perinatal health.


NPASS is the first ever student organizational branch of the National Perinatal Association. It brings a unique blend of interdisciplinary education, scholarship, advocacy, and service to your academic community.


Like its parent organization, NPASS is dedicated to promoting the most recent evidence-based practices and advocating for our patients and their families in the modern healthcare environment.

NPASS chapters support emerging leaders, create mentorship opportunities, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration as a means of improving perinatal care communities. 

To find out more about bringing NPASS to your community. Email C. Cody Miller and Jerasimos Ballas, MD


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