Celebrate International

Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

May 15th 

This date marks the global celebration of International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day.

We come together with parents, friends, organizations, and clinicians who believe that every newborn has the right to feel loved. 

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that every newborn be provided with the best possible conditions to develop and thrive. 

We believe that skin-to-skin care is an intervention that facilitates these goals.

We hope to empower our community with the information they need to raise awareness and promote this best practice in neonatal care for all infants, whether they are born healthy or require intensive care - and whether their lives are brief or long.

Thank you for helping us celebrate this important day!

NPA and PPA Members Enjoy a Free Webinar

Skin-to-Skin Contact After Birth: So Many Reasons Why It Matters

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How a baby is welcomed into the world matters. There is much research-based evidence to support the importance of keeping mothers and newborns together. Helping parents and babies connect through skin-to-skin contact is worth the effort needed to make it happen.

About our Presenter: 

Dr. Phillips' primary areas of interests are mother-infant attachment, breastfeeding education and support, and Neuroprotective Family-Centered Developmental Care of premature infants in the NICU. 

After raising three children as a stay-at-home mother, Dr. Phillips received a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology, became NIDCAP certified as an Infant Developmental Specialist, and then attended medical school at University of California, Davis. Dr. Phillips is now a neonatologist at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in S. California as well as the Medical Director of Neonatal Services at Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Fellow of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Dr. Phillips is the immediate Past President of NPA.

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Remember the Day

Show others what skin-to-skin care looks like and how it can promote:

    • physiological stability
    • healing
    • bonding

by adding your photo to this frame and sharing it.

Print it as a keepsake of you and your babies' special time together. 

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